The 2018 Chop Top Challenge

By Joseph Wilcox (other events)

Fri, Mar 23 2018 7:00 PM Tue, Mar 27 2018 8:00 PM

Easy Registration has ended!

Now, in order to register, you must first correctly answer ((80% is passing) the following trivia question about the classic 90s sitcom "Home Improvement".
Please email your answers to 

1. What was the make and model of Tim the Toolman Taylor’s first car?
2. What distracted Tim when Jill punches him in the face during their mock boxing match?
3. How many times do they use a laugh track in the worst rated Home Improvement episode, Season 3 Episode 13, “Slip Sledding’ Away”?
4. What was Al and Tim’s proof that a shop was indeed selling Tim’s stolen manifold?
5. What did Jill think her name was when she ended up in the emergency room after a rock concert?
6. What kind of guitar did Mark’s friend Ronnie play in their band?
7. What movie are Jill and her sister Robin watching while the guys have their all-mens poker night?
8. What is Papa Mia’s pizzas motto?
9. What kind of plastic model car does Tim’s mechanic Eddie have on his desk in his shop?
10. Why is Tim so jealous of Al?


The 2018 Chop Top Challenge is a road rally where teams compete to get the most points while traveling from Chicago to New Orleans in a car that they chopped the top off of. It will take place from March 24 - 27, 2018 with a kickoff party on March 23.

The teams that complete the challenge will meet in New Orleans on Tuesday afternoon for an awards ceremony with a grand prize going to the overall winnner. Previous grand prizes included 5000 pesos and $300 in Bellagio Casino chips.


1. Your vehicle must be one that was not offered from the factory with a convertible option. The vehicle must have no top and no windshield.
2. Full face helmets must be worn by all participants during the road rally. There is an exemption for Bourbon Street.
3. Participants must obey all driving laws (speed limits, road signs, seat belts, proper insurance & registration). You really don’t need to be speeding in a car that is arguably already quite dangerous.

1. It is strongly recommended that you weld the doors shut and have a roll cage in the vehicle.  Safety first.
2. Warm clothes.  Nola is not fun if you are still dealing with the effects of hypothermia.  Like, seriously warm clothes. (Like I thought I was gonna lounge the whole way down in sandals and shorts with a hoodie on and I ended up wearing every piece of clothing I owned.)
3. Snow tires might be a good option (Chicago in April, could be 60, could be -20 )
4. In-helmet walkie talkies with music capabilities is a must if you want to have any fun. Like seriously essential.